8 Little Secrets to Owning Jewelry During a Recession

Fashionable jewelry has long since caught the attention of men and women, young and old. The euphoria of buying jewelry is as intoxicating as it is addictive. Not only does stylish jewelry make you look great, it can give you a sense of confidence and pride. While the benefits of owning jewelry are many, our ability to purchase fashionable jewelry often rest on the shoulder of the economy. As such, our current economy has consumers searching for alternative ways to owning aesthetically silver jewelry set jewelry. Now you can sport the latest jewelry styles without emptying your wallet. Best of all, you can do it guilt free.

• Buy pewter – Pewter has become very popular and is a fast growing niche in fashionable jewelry. A combination of tin, copper and antimony, pewter affords buyers the look of silver jewelry while costing considerably less than both silver and gold. In many cases, pewter jewelry is lead free, which also means its tarnish free. Cross pendants as well as other stylish men’s jewelry are now available in pewter. Buying jewelry made from pewter makes both money and fashion sense.

• Versatility – Whether you are buying jewelry simple because of its beauty or using it to create style, choosing jewelry that is versatile in purpose is a win-win situation. Consider buying pieces that match the majority of your outfits. For example, men’s leather necklaces and bracelets are suitable for creating a casual and sophisticated style and are equally the perfect addition to a dressier look.

• Affordability – Buy only jewelry that you can afford! A recession is a time of financial stress. It is an awakening of sorts when consumers are forced to choose between what they need and what they want. While you may prefer the Tiffany & Co. styles, at the time, it may or may not be financially feasible. Instead, search for an alternative piece of jewelry that looks the same but cost significantly less. If you only have eyes for expensive jewelry, sales and promotional events are great times to buy jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

• Choose quality over quantity – No longer does quality mean higher prices. Over the years, the quality of fashionable jewelry has increased making jewelry ownership more affordable and accessible. A financial wise decision would be a leather necklace that is suitable in creating many styles over a handful of multicolored necklaces that are limited in both style and versatility.

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