Alternative Coloured Diamonds For Your Engagement Rings

Meta description: These are the kinds of coloured diamonds you can choose for engagements rings. They are naturally made and not artificial, depending on where you look.


Interestingly enough, diamonds have a variety of colours. And they are made naturally. Sometimes when imperfections and structural defects happen, they cause colouration. And depending on how they happen, different colours happen.Image result for best engagement rings Brisbane

As opposed to using pure and colourless diamonds, a lot of couples have been using coloured diamonds to propose to their loved ones. best engagement rings Brisbane are as precious as the standard white yet they are rarer and bring out different sentimental meanings. Depending on what colour you and your lover like and what it means to the both of you, you can choose which coloured diamond to stand as the centre of your engagement ring.


The Yellow Diamond

They are the most common after the white diamonds and are sometimes called sun diamonds or canary diamonds. Choose the cut you think is best for her and match it with a metal band that matches her skin tone and the yellow diamond.


The Green Diamond

Some couples use emeralds or other green toned gemstones as their centre. Green diamonds are like that except more precious and definitely more brilliant since diamonds are known to be so.  It helps that is very rare and very valuable, just like your relationship.


The Pink Diamond

Nothing is more romantic than a pink gemstone, especially if it is for an engagement ring. But for a pink diamond to be an engagement ring, nothing could be more special. Not to mention that the most precious and expensive diamond in the world right now is a pink diamond. Why not complete your set by matching it with rose gold metal?


The Purple Diamond

The purple diamond is the second rarest coloured diamond and that fact just makes it more special than the rest. Proposing using a purple diamond ring is an experience. They also go by the names Grape Diamond, Plum Diamond, Lavender Diamond, Mauve Diamond, Orchid Diamond or Lilac Diamond.


The best thing about colours, aside from being really pretty to look at, is that they have different meanings. Each of them could symbolise you and your lover too, whether you have the passion of purple, the hope of yellow, the devotion of pink or the new beginnings of green.

Since diamonds are forever, these special and beautiful diamond rings too will last for a lifetime. Just like your marriage.

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