Cold Storage Installation – The Benefits

Cold storage is a machine where a number of refrigerant is cooled or heated. The main purpose of this is to keep the temperature constant inside the warehouse, thereby reducing the wastage of energy. The cold storage is mainly meant for storing the cool refrigerant and the cold refrigerated unit. The storage is generally placed at the floor level for safety purpose. The storage may be made up of air ducts, heat exchangers, vented gas lines and a cold room.Increasing Demand for Industrial Cold Storage | Progressive Grocer

The cold storage also known as cold room has several advantages over the hot storage. The main advantage is that it does not increase the heating or cooling cost. Another major advantage is that there is no wastage of energy for this type of storage system. There are some disadvantages as well in the form of high operating costs, poor air quality and low life expectancy of the units.

The major disadvantage in the cold storage is that it takes up a great amount of space. The size of the unit varies from one unit to another depending upon the area of the storehouse. There are three major categories of coolers namely, non-pressurized, pressurized and refrigerated. Non-pressurized systems work by circulating air through the entire system and do not allow the air flow through the storage area.

Pressurized systems work by increasing the pressure inside the storage room. It increases the pressure so that the cool refrigerant is forced into the storage area. The refrigerant passes through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from the refrigerant to the air which then passes into the storage area. In the refrigerated category, air is used for cooling and for heating the cool refrigerant. The air cooling system includes three parts: the air ducts, the condenser and the evaporator. Air ducts are the main component of this system.

The air ducts carry the refrigerant and the air through the room. The condenser and the evaporator help in transferring the heat into the air. The evaporator absorbs the heat from the air and transfers it to the cold refrigerant. The air duct system is an important part of the system and has many advantages as it ensures that the air ducts are in a place where they can work properly without affecting the temperature. The evaporator is also used to control the heating and cooling of the air inside the storage room.

If the cold storage is used at a higher level, it results in high operating costs, which is one of the disadvantages. in this case, the cold room must be at a lower level to avoid these issues. The cold storage cung cap kho lanh is the most convenient form of cold storage because it allows the use of the cold room without disturbing the temperature. The cold room also has many benefits in that it helps to cut down on the energy wastage, as well as providing better cooling.

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