Create a Memorable Entrance With ColorStar HD Mats

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ColorStar HD Mats Can Make an Impressive First Impression Commercial logo mats at entrances create an impressive first impression and help your restaurant make a good first impression with customers. Not only can they keep patrons’ feet clean, they can help protect against pathogens, water and mud getting tracked into the facility through tracks on shoes!

These eco-friendly PET carpet mats feature cutting edge dyeing technology and contain 50% post consumer recycled content reclaimed from plastic bottles, boasting outstanding color fastness (fade resistance) while remaining eco-friendly.

Custom ColorStar HD Mats are an effective way to create an unforgettable first impression for customers entering your business. Crafted to showcase the logo or message of your brand or message, these mats can easily be cleaned using vacuuming or mopping. Their cost-effective nature also makes them a smart investment for any business.

Floor mats printed with eco-friendly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabric make for the perfect way to display intricate designs, featuring computer-controlled color jets capable of producing virtually any hue within their color spectrum.

Fade and stain resistant, commercially launderable when backed with nitrile rubber and certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute – these durable floor mats make an excellent addition to any office setting.

Slip-resistant carpet mats made of durable nylon surface designed to withstand heavy foot traffic are an excellent way to make an impression on customers in restaurants, hotels, or any business seeking to provide a great first impression of themselves and their services. Rubber backing helps prevent sliding around on smooth surfaces for added grip – perfect for restaurants, hotels and any businesses hoping to give a positive first impression to potential newcomers. They can make an excellent first impression for restaurants, hotels and other businesses wanting to give customers an excellent first experience when entering.

Custom ColorStar HD Mats can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them the ideal solution for schools and other businesses with large entrance areas. Furthermore, these stain-resistant and easy-to-clean mats reduce maintenance requirements for your business.

These mats feature a plush nylon surface designed to handle high traffic areas. Furthermore, their rubber backing prevents them from moving around on smooth surfaces.

These mats can be customized with your company logo or message and customized with various colors and fonts to reflect its personality. Plus, there are various sizes to suit any business entrance area! Affordable yet promotional these mats make a lasting first impression for customers as well. Plus they’re simple to install & can even be cleaned with either vacuuming or damp mopping for hassle-free maintenance!
Easy to Clean

Custom ColorStar HD Mats are easy to keep looking brand new in any type of business environment – be it stores, restaurants, hotels or any other type. Simply hose off, ColorStar Impressions HD Logo Mats or mop to maintain them for optimal performance.

These floor mats are constructed from durable nylon fabric that resists spills, stains and wear-and-tear. Furthermore, these floor mats have built-in anti-static features which help safeguard against harmful static electricity build-up.

These indoor entrance mats are specially crafted to withstand high traffic areas. Their rubber backing resists curling and cracking for added peace of mind, and there’s an array of sizes, shapes, and colors available to meet every need.

Create a Memorable Entrance
Entry mats are an effective way to set the scene and make an unforgettable first impression for visitors to your business. They also help reduce foot-traffic debris entering, keeping floors cleaner by keeping feet off them and out.

Slip-and-fall accidents can be prevented through using slippers on wet surfaces; protecting visitors from slipping and falling and decreasing liability claims.

Affordable floor mats can help your company create an inviting environment for guests and employees alike. Choose from an array of colors and materials, to find just the right entry mats for your facility.

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