Lawn Maintenance Schedule – An Organized Way To Handle Your Lawn

A lawn maintenance schedule is what you need in order to monitor the cleanliness and greenery of your garden all throughout the year. Many lawn owners usually do not have a regular timetable for trimming their lawn grass. They do it as the need arises, as when the grass is already very long.

Many individuals also perform their lawn maintenance only when the weather permits – that is, when the weather is neither too cold nor not too hot. However, this is not what a lawn maintenance schedule is all about.

A lawn maintenance schedule begins with Yard Maintenance Beaverton Oregon  listing down of all the yard tasks that need to be accomplished in one year. Then you need to classify these tasks according to weekly, twice-a-week, or monthly chores.

You should also include data on the length of time required to accomplish each task. This may be based on previous figures. Otherwise, intelligent estimates would suffice.

Having these in order, you can now proceed with the first item in your lawn maintenance schedule. There may be times when something cannot be completed as scheduled because of unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions.

This can be remedied by making minor adjustments in your lawn maintenance schedule. The important thing is that what is written in the schedule will be accomplished.

There are points to consider in the preparation of a lawn maintenance schedule – the lawn size, your intense desire to have a well-manicured lawn, and your financial capacity. No matter what kind of lawn maintenance schedule you come up with, the bottom line is that your grass requires regular trimming.

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