VTech Laptops – Great Educational Tools For Children

Was there ever a time when your child interfered with your work because he wanted to play on the keyboard of your laptop? Did you ever think that perhaps there might be a fun and exciting way to use a computer to teach your child English and Math in their early years? www.smartbuddies.com

Even at an early age, children can be┬áto use computers. They seem to be able to grasp the concepts quite easily. And now there are laptops available in the marketplace that are specifically designed for kids. They are both educational and fun for kids to use. These are the VTech laptops – laptops that are easy for children to operate. They are also durable and strong enough to withstand the inevitable rough handling they will receive from youngsters.

VTech laptops are one of the best learning companions for kids. VTech has a wide range of laptop models that will appeal to children from babies to preteens. They have laptops for infants and toddlers such as the Little Einsteins, SpongeBob and the Animal Friends learning laptop.

Young girls can choose from the Pink Tote and Go model, the Disney Princess Magical laptop, Winnie the Pooh, the Mousekadoer Learning laptop and several other interesting choices.

For the boys there are many models with popular cartoon character themes, such as Lightning McQueen, the Handy Manny tool bench, the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear spaceship, Iron Man 2, as well as the Wall-E learning laptop. You can be assured that there is a VTech laptop that will be suitable for your child’s interests and needs.

The laptops are powered by 3 AA batteries. They also come with a detachable mouse, usable for right as well as left-handed children. The VTech laptops are guaranteed to be very lightweight which will make it easy for your child to bring it along anywhere he goes.

All in all, there are about thirty various activities for kids to do in a VTech laptop. The educational value of the laptops is evident in the fact that they are directed towards teaching kids the basics of Math and English. Alongside this, there are also several music lessons available. And there’s another bonus to keep in mind. Your child likely won’t be attracted to your expensive laptop anymore, when he has one of his own that he’s able to operate and enjoy by himself.

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